Dartmoor is perfect with its big skys


The work of landscape photographer Jen Bryant

I have been walking on Dartmoor for over 30 years now, and although I was born and grew up in North Devon, I feel drawn to Dartmoor.

I love North Devon with its beaches, farmland and dramatic coastline, and my roots are there back through the generations, but ever since I started walking on Dartmoor it worked its magic on me and I always feel at peace when I am there.

I took up photography eighteen years ago and it fitted in perfectly with the Moor. At first I was working in black and white and Dartmoor was perfect for this with its big skies, changing light over big landscapes and the harsh texture of the granite.

The pictures you see are from darkroom work, and the grainy images give another dimension to the feel of Dartmoor. There is no need to look for inspiration, it’s all around you whatever the weather. There is always something to photograph.

I find that when I am on Dartmoor, walking alone as I do, all that I think about is what is around me, and any problems I have just disappear for that time. I come away refreshed, if tired, and especially happy if I have captured an image that conveys what I feel about Dartmoor.
I hope that you get that feeling too.


Author: Laura White

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